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When the World Turns | Bikes, dogs and other pets

Bicyclists will soon be able to own a bike and a dog.

The new breed of pet carrier is called the “Bicycle World” and will be offered for purchase at participating retailers starting today.

The pet carrier will be compatible with any bicycle.

This pet carrier, which is also called the Bicycle World, will be available for purchase starting today at participating bike shops and on-line retailers, according to a statement by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council, a group of bicycle owners, bicycle owners associations and advocacy organizations.

It’s the first pet carrier for the bicycle and that is going to be a huge plus for anyone that wants to own and ride a bicycle.

Bicycling is now the fastest-growing sport in the world, with more than 30 million people riding bicycles in the U.S. and Canada every day.

Bikes are more popular than ever, and the number of riders has exploded over the last few decades, from about 25 million in 1985 to over 100 million today.

The Bicycle World pet carrier includes an aluminum frame, aluminum frame wheels, aluminum wheels, a bicycle lock and a bike-specific handlebar, according the advisory council.

The company is selling the pet carrier on its website.

The Pet World pet carriers come in a variety of colors and shapes.

The bicycle world pet carrier comes in three colors, red, yellow and green.

The bikes also come in various sizes, from a single-speed to two-speed, according.

The Bicycles World pet storage crate, which can hold up to two bicycles and two pet carriers, also comes in a range of sizes.

The Pet World Pet carrier comes with a bicycle saddle and a bicycle handlebar. has more details about the bicycle world. offers pet carriers as well.

Bike owners and bike owners associations are urging the U-turn in the pet pet carrier market.

Bike advocates have called for a pet-free city and bike world for decades.

“Pet owners need to stop being selfish and take their responsibility for the health of the environment seriously,” said John Eichler, a spokesman for the Bicycle Industry Association of America.

“Bike riding is the most healthy activity people can do on a bike.”

Bike and pet owners can now enjoy pet-friendly transportation options at their fingertips with the Bicycle & Pedestrians Advisory Council’s pet carrier.