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‘It’s just a normal day’: ‘The bikes are still here’

The bikes are not being repaired, but they are not broken either.

The owners of the shop have been making bike repair stands in the US for nearly a decade.

It was their passion and passion was taken away in 2017 when President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban travel from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The president was right.

We are not going to be allowed to make a living here.

They are going to have to leave.

The shop is a small business, with only a few bikes in the workshop.

They have not yet sold the bikes.

Their stock is dwindling.

“We’ve been selling bikes since 2005, and now, just over a year ago, it was about a 30% reduction,” said the owner, who did not want to give his last name.

“It’s been so hard.

We’ve been working hard to keep the shop running and to keep our business going.

We’re still here.

I just want to get my hands on my bikes and get on with it.

It’s just normal day, just like every other day.”

The bike shop owner says he is grateful to the people of the US who have rallied behind him.

“We have people who are very supportive, who are giving me a lot of support,” he said.

“It’s nice to see people supporting the business and supporting this kind of business, especially when you see what happened with the ban.

I am glad that this is happening because it’s just the right thing to do, especially for this community.”

The owner said he had never been arrested, and had never faced a court order preventing him from working.

He said the shop would continue to operate, as usual, in its current state, which is to put on bike races, but would close in 2019 to let the city’s budget recover.

“I just don’t have the money to do that.

We just have to pay the bills, which means closing the shop, which we’re going to do in 2019,” he added.”

That’s the bottom line.

If I’m going to lose my business and it doesn’t get repaired, I’m not going back.”

A sign on the front door of the bike repair shop reads “We’re not a crime, we’re a business”.

The owners say they plan to remain open for business and continue to make bicycles in the meantime.

The shop owner said the ban is just one example of the kind of policies that have hurt American workers.

“There are so many things that we’ve been told are going on in the government, the media, the education system, that people don’t understand,” he explained.

“You’re seeing this in many places across the country, and it’s been a real wake-up call.

This is what’s going on here, and we have to fight back.

It takes time to get it right.”