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Why the state Bicycle for Men Bike is still so popular in BC

A group of men are continuing to ride their bicycles on the road and on the highways of the province.

The Bicycling for Men Association (BFOR) says it has had more than 2,200 members since it was founded in 2013.

But that’s not stopping the men from doing it on a weekly basis, which the organization says is just a fraction of the thousands of kilometres of roads and highways in the province that they ride their bikes on.

“We’re really seeing the momentum,” said Chris Furlong, president of the BFOR.

“People are really becoming aware that cycling is still a viable way of getting around the province, even with all the changes to roads and bridges.”

The BFOR says more than 10,000 Bicyclists have been on roads in the Greater Vancouver area in the last two years, which is the most since the organization began.

While the majority of BFOR members are women, Furlang said there are also men riding their bicycles too.

The men ride to work, school, work, community events, and other social events.

The group has even found a home on the streets of Vancouver.

“The bike is the lifeblood of our organization,” Furlung said.

The bikes are used to transport and distribute food, clothes and other supplies for BFOR groups, such as homeless people and the mentally ill.

Furlongs father was a mechanic and a carpenter before he died from ALS.

“His bike was a great thing for him,” FURLONG said.

“He used it to get to the store, to pick up his groceries.”

Furlons father rode his bicycle to work every day, every day.

It was a means to get around.

But Furlings father also loved to ride his bike to school, which he had been doing since he was about 15 years old.

“I had no interest in being a driver.

But I was fascinated with bikes,” Foulhaugh said.

Foulghaugh has seen many of his BFOR friends in the past few years go to prison, as well as have their licences suspended.

“When I was younger, I never had the opportunity to do it.

We can’t just ignore that,” Fouls said. “

That’s not something we can ignore.

We can’t just ignore that,” Fouls said.

He says the men who ride their BFOR bikes are the backbone of the organization.

“It gives us a platform, and it gives people an outlet to share their stories,” Founghoul said.

For now, the BIFOR group is planning to continue to organize rides on the roads of B.C., and to build up a bike club in the next few years.

“There’s always more to do.

We want to keep it going.

It’s not a day to go home,” Foustong said.