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What to know about the new ‘Liv’ bike bell

A new bike bell is coming to Los Angeles.

It’s the second light-powered bike bell for the city’s bike culture.

In April, we saw a light-weight bike bell made by the bike company Velodyne.

Now Velodyna has gone lighter and is bringing the L.A. bike culture a light bike bell that you can ride on your way to work or on your lunch break.

The Bell Cycle will come in a variety of colors and is available for purchase on

The bike bell will be the first light-mounted bike bell in Los Angeles and will be offered at participating bike shops and bicycle events, such as the LADOT Bike Fair.

The bike bell has been designed to be used on city streets where light-colored bikes are prevalent and to be easily accessible to the community.

It is designed to last two hours and will feature an integrated digital alarm system.

The bell will feature a built-in camera, a microphone, and a remote to start and stop the bell.

It will also feature a timer that can be set to be triggered when you reach a certain point in your commute.

Velodynan also said that the bell will include an audio recorder, an infrared camera, and an LED flashlight.

Velodyne has designed the bike bell to fit most bicycles, which makes it ideal for use in any city where there is a lot of light pollution.

The bell will not only reduce emissions of CO2 from motor vehicles but also to provide a bike-friendly environment for people who ride in light-to-medium traffic.

Velodies bike bell uses a compact frame and weighs only 12.8 pounds, making it lightweight enough to be carried by a person on a bicycle.

This means that it is easily carried around, rather than being mounted on the back of a bicycle frame.

Velodys bike bell comes with a battery that will last up to three years.

This is the second time that Velodynnese has designed a light electric bike bell.

In 2013, they unveiled a light bicycle bell that can power a bicycle for three hours on a single charge.