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‘I’m not worried’: Former Tesla employee’s medical cannabis treatment

A former Tesla employee has used his medical cannabis oil to treat seizures, his family said, despite an initial denial by Tesla.

The family of Matt Bischoff said on Facebook last week that Bischof was in a “very good” position to benefit from the oil and the company’s website said that it was a safe and effective treatment for epilepsy.

Bischoff, 34, used cannabis oil as a supplement for his epilepsy for six years before it was prescribed for his condition in 2015, his wife told the Los Angeles Times.

He had a seizure at work on Aug. 21 and was hospitalized that day, where he spent six days in a hospital, the Times reported.

Birschoff had seizures and seizures were part of his seizures.

In an interview with the Times, he said he had been prescribed an oil by a physician in California that contained CBD oil, a compound that has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of medical conditions.

“We have a lot of other patients in our network who have benefited from this,” he said.

Bispock, the son of two college professors and an accountant, became a Tesla employee in October 2015 after working at the electric car company for two years.

He joined the company in January 2018.

Bischer, the brother of a Tesla executive, became an employee in December 2018 and began working with Bischow as an engineer.

His brother said he is working to help Bischoffs family with the family’s medical marijuana treatment.

In a Facebook post last week, Bischworth’s family said they were “in no way concerned” about his use of cannabis oil, and said that his doctor has told them that his epilepsy was stable and he did not need further medical treatment.

“Matt is in a good place to benefit as a result of his medical marijuana use,” Bischows family wrote.

“His doctor has advised him that his seizures are manageable, that he has no history of seizures or other neurological problems, and that he is doing well.”